We made it our goal in the infancy of our hobby kennel, to breed and train the finest field Golden Retrievers in the country.


-  First and foremost, these dogs need to be sound in both temperment and health.  They need to enjoy many years at your side in the field and with your children in the home.  It is our goal that this is exactly what you will get from Wagzu Retrievers!

-  Additionally, we want to contribute to producing superstar retriever athletes!  They need to have such a strong desire to retrieve that they will have no hesitation about breaking ice in a frozen duck hole in December, or giving you 110% while training in the sweltering heat of July in Memphis!  Style, attitude and desire count!

-  Third, we want to promote a return to the functionality of the original standard and ancestors of the breed.  Conformation Goldens of the 1930's looked much like the Field Trial Champions and Hunt Test Champions of today.  That is because there was, and is, a purpose to the breed, and that is to be a hunting companion.  A darker color helped the dog blend into it's surroundings during waterfowl season.  A somewhat shorter and flatter coat are also extremely desireable, and anyone who has ever spent 2 hours pulling cuckleburrs out of a long/thick coated dog knows this!


We think you'll find that any breeding from Wagzu Retrievers will have placed the maximum effort to ensure that these basic goals are held to.


Thanks for considering one of our pups,

Chuck & Sherri Wagner