Puppy Contract and Health Warranty

Please click this link for a printable PDF copy of the current breeding's Puppy Contract. Make the appropriate entries and choices, and mail in with your deposit.
Wagzu's Puppy Contract.pdf
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Breeder hereby sells to Buyer, a male/female Golden Retriever puppy, anticipated to be whelped on or about _______________.


Anticipated date of delivery of puppy is: _____________(7 weeks old)


Sire of the puppy is: ________________________________________


Dam of the puppy is: _______________________________________


The purchase price of this puppy is $_______, with a deposit of $______ payable upon delivery of this contract to Seller and the balance to be paid in full before delivery date. Any shipping expenses (including veterinary health certificate required by airlines, cost of the crate and any accessories) will be additional and paid in advance of shipping. Breeder relinquishes all responsibilities for the puppy upon delivery of puppy to Buyer or carrier (such as an airline). In the event that there is not a puppy available for the Buyer (not enough puppies born, none of the gender buyer requested, death of puppy after whelping, etc.), the deposit amount listed in this contract will be returned to the buyer at the above address immediately by mail.


Breeder’s Warranty:


At the time of delivery to Buyer or carrier, this puppy will be in good health with no known life threatening, communicable, hereditary or congenital defects. After 72 hours, the Buyer assumes all responsibility for health and temperament of this dog (with the exception of the below guarantees).


The Buyer must take this dog for a complete physical examination by his/her own veterinarian within 72 hours of taking possession. If within 72 hours a State certified DVM finds the dog to be of ill health, and the condition is clearly attributable to the Breeder, the dog may be returned immediately to the Breeder. Pending verification of such an illness by Breeder's veterinarian, a refund not to exceed the purchase price will be made to Buyer providing that the dog's appearance, temperament and anatomical makeup has not changed since the time of sale.


A complete refund of sale price is offered for any of the following defects up to 26 months of age:


  1. crippling dysplasia requiring surgery or euthanasia
  2. eye problems causing blindness
  3. disabling problems of genetic origin that prevent the dog from functioning as a family companion


Written documentation is required from two qualified veterinarians or veterinary ophthalmologists. Breeder has the right to have a veterinarian of choice examine puppy.


For lesser problems that should in no way affect the working ability of the dog:


     1.  mild/moderate hip dysplasia from OFA reading no later than 26


     2.  non-affecting, but non-certifiable genetic eye problems, no later than

          24 months


The entire purchase price of the dog covered in this contract may be applied to a replacement pup from a future WAGZU breeding, or a refund of 1/2 the original purchase price of the dog. We must receive certified copies of OFA or eye exam forms. Any replacements or refunds are made on the condition that the Buyer has upheld ALL of his/her responsibility's (as listed below), and that no injury or non-genetic illness has occurred that would predispose this dog to one or more of the above listed health issues (Complete veterinary care records will need to be provided and or released to us). In the event the Buyer seeks application of the sales price to a replacement puppy or a refund, whether in whole or in part, under Breeder’s guarantee, the Buyer must provide certification from a DVM that the dog has been spayed/neutered; in the event the dog has been bred, the guarantee is null and void. This agreement applies only to the original buyer and no subsequent transfers of ownership can have taken place.


Buyer’s Responsibilities:


Buyer assumes all responsibilities upon Breeder’s delivery of the puppy to Buyer or to the carrier. The Buyer agrees to accept the duties of responsible dog ownership, including but not limited to 1) maintaining preventative care of this dog with regards to orthopedic problems, such as proper nutrition, proper exercise, and preventing stress injuries (not allowing puppy to jump excessive heights, no forced exercise such as running/road work until at least 12 months of age), 2) normal veterinary care (shots, flea/tick preventative, heart worm preventative), 3) proper diet so as to promote healthy joint development and prevent overweight conditions (i.e. large breed, high quality formula commensurate with this dogs physical maturity level and activity level), 4) professionally facilitated obedience classes or equivalent training, by Buyer or professional, designed to achieve working or performance goals/titles, 5) at no time in its life, will this dog be allowed to ride in the back of an open vehicle unless it is contained and protected within a secured crate or kennel. In the event that this dog has a soundness problem, is a poor representative of the breed, or if it has been unable to prove its worth as a working dog, it should not be bred. Additionally, this dog should not be bred without OFA and CERF or other clearances that may be necessary, and any dog or bitch it is bred to should have the same clearances.


If the Buyer decides at any point in the dog’s life not to keep the dog, Breeder must be contacted and either the dog will be returned to Breeder or Buyer must find a new owner approved by the breeder.



Breeder will (at Breeder’s expense) submit registration documents to the AKC using the
Buyer’s choice of registered name; however, the dog must have "Wagzu" or "Wagzu's" as the prefix of his/her AKC registered name or the Breeder’s warranty will be nullified and considered void.




Buyer: _______________________________



Date: _______________________



Breeder: ______________________________