Wyatt x River

AFC The Sunday Swimmer "Wyatt"

We have decided to breed River at her next cycle.  The sire will be AFC The Sunday Swimmer "Wyatt".  Wyatt's owner points out that he is an athletic, 75 pound boy who is medium red, has good bone structure, is an excellent marker, is very watery, and is wonderful with kids and in the house.  He has an all breed win, and made it to the 5th series in both the 2014 & 2015 National Amateur.


Due to timing and Wyatt's campaign schedule this summer up in Canada, a frozen AI will take place very soon.  Just like all of our breedings, these pups are expected to be hard charging working retrievers.  Assuming a successfull breeding, we will be looking to place these little ones in proven working homes.  While all of our pups have proven to be wonderful house dogs and family members, they are much more than that and will not be happy in a home where they are relegated to the simply laying on the couch. 


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